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WP Social Traffic is a new WordPress plug-in that works completely in the background to get you unlimited traffic to any blog post or page on your website.

WP Social Traffic Plug-inDate: October 4, 2016
Name: WP Social Traffic
Overall Ranking: RECOMMENDED
Price: $27.00
Owner/Developer: Ankur Shukla
Website: wpsocialtraffic.com

Ankur Shukla has developed a software product that solves three major problems we have as internet marketers.

  • Gets us more quality website traffic from Facebook
  • Saves us time and effort with its 1-Click Automated software
  • Push button simple to use. No wasted time trying to learn to use new software

WP Social Traffic is easy to set up with just 3 simple steps.

  1. Setup the plugin – it sets up in under 60 seconds!
  2. Pick the content you want your new visitors to see
  3. Click on the “GET TRAFFIC” button and you are DONE

How does WP Social Traffic Work?

This WordPress plug-in connects with niche communities and fan pages on Facebook and shares your content with them automatically. Based on your keywords related to the post or page you want to promote, WP Social Traffic will identify and list associated niche communities and fan pages. With a click of a button, it engages with FB members to DRIVE them back to your website.

The following video shows how easy it is to set up and use WP Social Traffic.




  • Super simple to use.
  • Works with any niche or keywords.
  • Preview of your Facebook post within your WordPress page edit mode makes it easy to adjust.
  • Get free traffic from the most popular & active, relevant fan pages & communities on Facebook.
  • Additional upgrades to meet your needs are available.


  • There are several offers (upsells) that increase functionality. For example, the PRO version enables users to enter 10 keywords for identifying FB fan pages and communities. The Basic version enables 3 keywords. Consequently, the PRO version enables users to further refine their targets.

Final Verdict

Ankur Shukla has brought us another successful product that helps internet marketers drive more traffic to our websites. There is no other product like WP Social Traffic.

WP Social Traffic is recommended for those of us who want more website traffic from Facebook without buying FB ads.


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