What is Animaker Online Animation Video Maker?

Animaker online animation video maker app

Animaker online video app logoDo It Yourself (DIY) online animation video makers are a big deal now. A free online video maker is even a bigger deal!

Video content is gaining on text content these days.

In 2015, super marketer, Neil Patel identified video as growing the largest amongst all content marketing types. Some predicted video would represent 70% of all traffic in 2017. Video has exponentially grown in the last few years. Even Facebook has joined the video parade with their Live Facebook.

Hubspot Marketing reported on a number of statistics for 2017 including:

  • 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business, second only to blogging (38%)
  • 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%).
  • By 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic.
  • YouTube reaches more 18+-year-olds during prime-time viewing hours than any cable TV network.

If you want to know more about social media marketing, then grab this 2016 report from the Social Media Examiner.

Video Content Types

Video content comes in a variety of types that viewers like.

It is safe to say viewers like video more than the marketers responsible for developing content. Developing content for blogs and websites is much easier than creating videos.

Viewers like all kinds of video types such as:

  1. Webinars – Wealthy Affiliate has a weekly webinar on online business building
  2. Presentations – like TED talks, which I find intertaining and informative.
  3. Interviews – Tim Ferris’ podcasts come to mind in an instance.
  4. Animation – great for explainer videos like the one I made below
  5. Tutorials – I like the 6 minute tutorial on boiling eggs in an Instant Pot
  6. Live streaming – Live Facebook!
  7. Video blogs – I am partial to miltary vlogs like the Department of Defense news.
  8. Product reviews – lots of reviews on Youtube.

Animation videos are a popular way to explain complicated products or services. Or serve as landing pages for sales funnels. Watching a video is more entertaining than reading written content. This in turn leads to greater conversions.

There are a number of DIY video maker apps available online. All have free or low cost options to try out their video maker free online.

Check them out. Try their online apps. Watch the tutorial videos. Deciding which animation platform to use is a matter of personal preference.

My preference is Animaker, which I have been using since mid-2106.

What is Animaker?

Animaker is a cloud based animation video maker, which helps to create animated explainer videos, video Infographics and animated presentations like never before.

Six different video styles

  • Animaker for 2D –  tradition two-dimensional animated environment
  • Animaker for 2.5D – pseudo three-dimensional environment
  • Animaker for Handcraft – fun method of creating a video using a hand to move illlustrations around the screen
  • Animaker for Infographics – tells a story using data
  • Animaker for Typography – mixes motion and text together to tell a story
  • Animaker for Vertical Videos – orients video vertically for mobile applications

This is the explainer video I recently created using Animaker. It is about 100 seconds long. The lead in graphic video was created by using Viddyoze.

The Animaker Online Animation Video Maker Application

Signing into the member area brings a member to the dashboard as shown in the screenshot below. The red arrow points to the create a video button.

Once a member chooses a blank template or one of the many pre-made templates, the app launches and brings up the workspace shown below. It takes a few seconds as the graphic and tool libraries load. When the workspace loads, a tutorial loads as well. I find it useful as a refresher before starting to create a video.

Animaker video app board


The following video was developed for the company launch several years ago. It was made with the full upgraded Animaker video app.

Animaker has many features such as animated characters, moving backgrounds, objects, infographic icons, templates, sound effects and sound tracks that can be added to your videos.

You can upload your own graphics as well as audio tracks (including voice overs). Plus you can record your voice over with Animaker. All go into your “My Library” file.

The quantity and quality of the features is dependent upon the pricing plan members select. Besides the free version, there are 3 levels of membership.

I selected the personal version currently billed at $12 a month. I chose this level mostly to remove the Animaker logo from videos made at the free level. (This is a common practice for online apps).

Animated Video Maker Training

Animaker has a number of different training media. They include tutorial videos, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and a knowledge base with a number of articles. Animaker also has a blog with current news and informaton.

animation video maker training

Animaker also asks members to suggest tutorial topics via a contact form.

Animaker Video Maker App Summary

I will not call Animaker the best animated video maker app there is. Because I have not tested them all.

But I will say for anyone interested in making animated videos, whether infographic videos or 2D videos or any of the other styles, Animaker is a good choice. Even for students working on school projects.

Get more information about Animaker


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8 Comments on "What is Animaker Online Animation Video Maker?"

  1. This looks like a very interesting product. So far I have only tried to make screen cast videos for my website, but think animated videos could be a great option in some cases.

    Was not aware how easy or difficult it would be to do it myself, but looks like it is definitely something that is possible to create on my on.

    I can see there is a free starter membership for Animaker. How much do I have the chance to do with the free membership to test it out before upgrading?



    1. Hi Mikael. you can do just about anything with the free version of Animaker. I used the free version for 9 months before switching to the lowest priced version. The Animaker website shows a pricing plan reflecting the different options.


  2. Very cool product, i must admit.

    Video content is gaining on text content these days, I totally agree with you about that. Visual assets are the best for marketing of any kind nowadays, in my opinion.

    Many people prefer to write a ‘sea of text’ on their websites, but people can be bored very easily with that.

    Prices are also fair and affordable, from 12-49 dollars / month for memberships, which is very good.

    The thing that i like the most, is that you can upload your own graphics as well as audio tracks.

    I have never created a video of any kind on my own so i will definitely try Animaker for the start and have some fun with it. Thanks for the great info about this interesting product.


    1. Hi Miroslav, That’s what I did with Animaker. Took the free version and played around with it. Trying different things. I learn best by doing things hands on. Reading text is not a good way for me to learn.


  3. It’s about time I started exploring into videos and animation for my blog. I’ve heard that Youtube is the second best way of getting organic traffic but I’ve always been hesitating in getting started in creating my own video. I’ll probably try out the free version of this animaker. I just hope that it’s user friendly enough for newbie like me.


    1. Hi Kenny, I was a total newbie at doing videos. I played around with Animaker (as well as Moovly) and tried a bunch of different things. I am still not very good at it because I am not very creative. But I plan on getting better.


  4. Hi, Glen.
    Oh. Emm. Gee!!
    I’ve been looking for a tool like this for so long it feels almost like fate that I stumbled across this page.
    I can’t wait to give it a try, it’s almost too good to be true.
    Which package would you recommend going for? I know the initial signup is free but 2-mins is short and I may need more time.
    Thanks again.


    1. Hi Ryan, I recommend starting off with the Animaker free version to start out. One of the best entrepreneurial videos I have seen is only 90 seconds long. But it was commercially filmed using a number of different scenes. 


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