TripleA Plan Review

TripleA Plan

TripleA Plan Edition V was released early 2017 celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Conversion Surf Traffic Exchange. Conversion Surf is not a traffic exchange in the traditional sense as it is a part of the TripleA marketing discipline.

Bottom Line Up Front – The TripleA Plan is about “Advertise Advertising to Advertisers.” Much like the California Gold Rush of 1849 and the Yukon Golf Rush of 1897, businessmen selling mining supplies to gold prospectors were more likely to get rich than the prospectors. The same is true about online business. To be successful online requires advertising (of some sort).

TripleA Plan Review

The Plan is not a “paint-by-the-numbers” system. It is a disciplined approach to marketing that enables followers to adapt to changing circumstances. This is the strength of the Plan.

The Plan guides members through advertising methods focused on traffic exchanges and safelist mailers (email marketing). The Plan describes what to promote, where and how. The Plan also teaches how to recognize the differences in places to advertise to achieve the best results. The Plan also shows things to avoid.

Some of the best discussion within the Plan is about “launches” of new websites or programs. The Plan walks through the anatomy and economics of a new traffic exchange launch, for example. It also explains the reasons for the failure of so many traffic exchanges and safelists. Credit must be given to Conversion Surf for reaching its fourth anniversary.

The Plan has a recommended list of traffic exchanges and safelists/mailers as well as other advertising tools. As a guide, the plan also shows how to identify other sources that meet the standards of the TripleA Plan. Additionally, the Plan shows how to best upgrade and make additional money.

TripleA Plan Summary

The TripleA Plan is a valuable resource for those who want to advertise advertising to advertisers. Used as a guide, it can keep members focused on their goals for success. As a long-time user of the earlier versions of the Plan, I highly recommend the TripleA Plan Edition IV to readers.

For a free copy of the Plan, please download here ==> Click Here for the Plan

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