Referral Frenzy Marketing System Review

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Referral Frenzy Marketing SystemThe Referral Frenzy Marketing System is a platform for members wanting to increase their advertising power.  Members use the Referral Frenzy tool to promote their businesses using the mailer system, banner and text ads, and downline builder.   Additionally, participating safelist and traffic exchanges offer bonus credits to RF members.

Referral Frenzy Marketing System Introduction

Referral Frenzy has been providing advertising and marketing tools to help members build their businesses since 2011. Advertising includes banner and text ads, solo ads, and full page ads.

Also, bonus advertising is included with Referral Frenzy. Every month, members receive free advertising credits at mailers or traffic exchanges in which they belong. All a member needs to do is add their login information. And on the first day of the new month, credits will be added to their accounts.

This is a great incentive to join mailers and traffic exchanges listed within the Referral Frenzy downline builder! This screen shot shows the current maximum monthly credits given.

referral frenzy monthly credits

Referral Frenzy Mailer

The Referral Frenzy mailer program is the heart of this powerful market platform. The mailer enables members to send their ad up to 100+ top safelists and mailers with just a few clicks. I said 100+ because Marty adds mailers and the deletes poor performing mailers.

This screen shot shows the list of current mailers.

Referral Frenzy Marketing System mailers


RF members must be members of the safelists and have sufficient credits to use in mailing.  As a result, members receive more credits each month from the participating mailers. Also, Marty has worked out some special offers for RF members.

The recent upgrade to the RF mailer program has made mailing easier and faster. Consequently, members now spend less time going through the process of mailing their ads than before. The Referral Frenzy “Send Mail v2.0” enables:

  • members to create email templates, both in text and html format,
  • log into all the relevant mailers either “en-mass” or individually,
  • select the mail to send and then,
  • click the “send” button.

Additionally, members have the ability to schedule the mail if they do not want it to send it immediately. Also, Referral Frenzy tracks statistics.


As a member and user of the Referral Frenzy Marketing System from the beginning, Referral Frenzy has been one of my best investments. As a result, I have saved time and effort in my marketing campaigns.

I encourage everyone to check out the Referral Frenzy marketing platform for themselves.

Grab a copy of this free marketing ebook and TRIAL MEMBERSHIP offer to learn more about how Referral Frenzy will improve your marketing efforts.

The trial offer includes a massive advertising package for you just for trying Referral Frenzy.


free referral frenzy marketing ebook

If you have any questions or comments about Referral Frenzy, please fill in and submit the form below. I love feedback.


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