Leased Ad Space Review

Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space is a marketing platform designed to sell advertising to predominately home and small business owners in the make money online niche. Leased Ad Space is also business opportunity online.

The premise is simple.

Since every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic. Without it, they are all dead in the water!

Advertisers and members purchase traffic packages. As a result, the traffic packages include internal and external advertising. The advertising includes:

– Banner Ads
– Text Ads
– Email Marketing/Solo Ads
– Ad board posts
– Public Profile Page
– Personal Blog to post unique content
– Instant Blog Postings
– Search Engine Traffic via Classified Ad Directory

Members make one-time traffic packages purchases. As a result, members do not have to make monthly subscriptions. Consequently, advertisers can buy as much or as little advertising they need.

The lowest cost advertising package is $7. For $7, a member receives:

  • 8,000 banner ad impressions
  • 4,000 text ad impressions
  • 1 solo email ad every 28 days
  • 1 free ad board directory post per day. Additional posts: 7 credits

There are other advertising packages available, purchased sequentially. They are priced at $17 – $27 – $47 – $67 – $87 – $147. Each package provides a greater number of banner and text ad impressions, more frequent solo email ads, and more free ad board directory postings daily.

Leased Ad Space members get paid instantly for the traffic packages they sell. Additionally, they may make 100% commissions paid directly to them via either the Payza or Solid Trust Pay payment providers. Furthermore, members may make 100% commissions off of seven different levels of traffic package sales.

One thing to note; members are NOT paid to recruit new members. But are ARE selling ad space and traffic direct to other members.

How to Make Money with Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space is structured like a forced 8 x 7 matrix, that gives you more advertising at every level. Therefore, members that you refer or that we do, must purchase a traffic package in order for you to get paid.

Leased Ad Space members have the opportunity to make large amounts of money with the matrix.

But is it realistic?

Meaning, are you really going to have 2,097,152 customers? Most likely NOT! But you do not need to fill up each level to earn from it. Therefore, the average member can make a healthy amount of income from day 1 beginning on day 1, selling the number 1 commodity online… And Every income seeker needs…Website Traffic!

As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. Additionally, there are no guarantees concerning the level of success or income you may experience with our system or traffic packages. In addition, all member purchases are final. Most of all, this is not an investment scheme, you are not paid from future earnings of the company, all earnings come from direct member to member sales.

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