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LeadsLeap - Internet Marketing Lead Generation System

LeadsLeap, the lead generation system, has reinvented itself into a revenue-sharing advertising and updated leads generation system. It is currently being beta tested with a launch date of February 16th.

I have been a member of LeadsLeap.com for the last six years. and have always been impressed with the value that it offers its members, even the free members, looking for an effective lead generation system.

In LeadsLeap 2.0, they have added to exciting ways to make money. First, by simply viewing ads. And, secondly, by sending traffic to ads. Pretty simple!

Viewing ads to make money

LeadsLeap 2.0 has a unique feature associated with viewing ads. They have done away with the ad viewing timer that you see on all the other websites. No more watching the timer count down to zero before earning credits.

In the new LeadsLeap system, the longer you view an ad, the more credits you earn. You no longer have to watch a simple splash page ad for 10 or 20 seconds. If you see a larger ad or sales page that interests you, you can stay and view the ad while earning more credits.

Members earn by viewing at least 10 ads a day. These members will be entitled to share 5% of the LeadsLeap daily revenue. Pro members share 10%. Members’ earnings are dependent on how many credits they earn viewing ads. Payout is daily.

Sending traffic to ads for lead generation

The other way to make money is by sending traffic to ads. Many of us do that now and earn credits. In LeadsLeap 2.0, we will be paid in cash! Weekly!

To send traffic to ads, members add the LeadsLeap widget to their websites and blogs. Or just use the Real Tracker with ad widget. If you have been viewing ads on Traffic Exchanges or safelist mailers, you may have seen the widget slide out from the left side of the browser. When people click the ads in the widget, you make money.

Earnings are determined based on the amount of third party traffic you send. The revenue share is 15% (30% if you are a pro member).

The best has just become better. To learn more about the LeadsLeap lead generation system and the latest news, please visit the LeadsLeap Blog.


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