Easy Cover Builder Review – 3D Covers and Mockups in Minutes

Easy Cover Builder is so easy to use.

This is my Easy Cover Builder review to help you create your own stunning ebook or document covers.

Finally! An easy-to-use 3D cover design application that does not require Photoshop or designer skills. Let alone monthly fees.

Easy Cover Builder application makes the creation of ebook covers and mockups easy to do.

If you are like me, you have struggled to create covers for ebooks, guides, or documents. I have purchased or tried many programs that just frustrated me.

I even looked to Adobe, but their product is so expensive for me. I was frustrated to the point of considering hiring a professional to design an ebook cover for me.

As you will see below, my attempts at creating ebook covers really sucked.

Easy Cover Builder is easy to use

Here is a screenshot of two of my original ebook covers.

My ebook cover design attempts

Pretty aren’t they?

Now here is the one I created using the Easy Cover Builder application.

My 3D ebook cover using Easy Cover Builder

A massive improvement for a guy with limited design skills!

Why use Easy Cover Builder?

  1. First of all, it is easy to use. I can’t say it more simple than that.

Easy Cover Builder is so easy to use.

2. The Easy Cover Builder application has a wide variety of templates and styles for your cover and mockup requirements.

3. The basic product is a complete, usable package. There is no need to buy an upgrade.  However, optional upgrades provide additional graphics, bonuses, and ability to create your own graphics business. There is more information about this later.

This screenshot shows my Easy Cover Builder dashboard. It is point and click!

Easy Cover Builder dashboard

This screenshot shows my first ebook cover screen. It includes the drag-and-drop function keys and the toolset. The ebook cover is shown in two dimensions, but when published, it is a 3D view as shown above.

Easy Cover Builder Upgrades

I purchased the basic package ($37) given my limited budget and requirements for covers and mockups. I seriously considered buying the deluxe package with bonuses. But my budget just didn’t have room to spare.

Here is a summary of the upgrades:

1. Deluxe Upgrade ($67)

  • Additional 100 built-in, customizable Cover Templates. Added these to your account instantly.
  • Exclusive Developer Rights to the entire Templates library.
  • Create UNLIMITED designs for yourself AND your clients (most recommended for heavy usage)
  • Make thousands of dollars every month charging clients from $100-$500 per project and you keep 100% of the sales!
  • PLUS 5 premium mega bonuses that are yours to keep!
    • palette swipes – premium color schemes
    • business rolodex – 30 top places where clients hangout
    • graphics house club – membership site
    • resale rights and PLR – big one
    • mega bonus pack – all kinds of templates, graphics, business cards, t-shirts, banner ad sets, and more.

2. Deluxe Upgrade minus the bonuses ($47)

3. Ultimate Licensing Deal ($69.25)

The Easy Cover Builder licensing deal enables you to set up your own graphics business. It comes with 10 product packages, sales pages, upsell packages. The price increases as packages are sold.

Easy Cover Builder Application Summary

As soon as I saw the short demonstration video, I knew this was the solution to my ebook cover problem.

Learn more about creating your own easy-to-make covers and mockups. [Ad]

If you are not interested in making 3D covers easily and in a few minutes, then I recommend Canva to create 2D covers. They have a large selection of free templates.

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Easy Cover Builder - Create professional 3D covers and mockups in minutes
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8 Comments on "Easy Cover Builder Review – 3D Covers and Mockups in Minutes"

  1. The easy cover builder is really something that I should check out. I know that promoting ebooks as free content can bring new customers to take a look at your brand or business. I have also tried Adobe before and besides the fact that it is phenomenal, I need to invest time and effort to start learning the ropes which I do not want at the moment. Easy Cover Builder sounds like an easy and cost-effective way to get the job done.

    One thing I did not thoroughly understand: Do I need to pay a monthly fee or is it a one-time payment?


    1. Thanks for commenting, John. Easy Cover Builder is a one-time payment as are the upgrades.

      This is also one of the better purchases I have made for business tools. Now I have a tool to go back and fix my previously made ebook covers.


  2. Hi Glen,

    I was on chat yesterday with a lady asking if I can teach her how to create her own ebook. It’s a coincidence that I got into this post of yours about creating ebook covers! Wow, what a coincidence. I will definitely recommend this article for her to read, I’m sure she will learn a lot from here and probably will try your recommended tool.

    Thank you Glen!

    – Gomer


    1. Thanks, Gomer. Creating ebook covers was the missing piece for me. I have written a number of ebooks over the years. I just could not create any covers I liked even though I tried a number of ebook cover generators. Easy Cover Builder solved my problem.


  3. I’ll check out the easy cover builder, it made me have an idea about offering a service on Fiverr to build covers for other people, if it’s that easy it might take just a couple of minutes to make some dollars. I’ll also use it for my ebook that I plan to publish soon to give for free to my website subscribers. In fact I have written an ebook which I self-published on Amazon Kindle and I designed the cover myself using Canva. It was free and the job was done pretty well, I will try the Easy Cover Builder to see it it’s a better way for my next book.

    The price sounds pretty affordable


    1. Thanks for commenting. I occasionally use Canva for some of my graphics needs including doing an ebook cover. My only issue with Canva is the inability to download graphics with a transparent background. This functionality requires an upgrade to Canva,


  4. As an author of many eBooks, this 3d cover designer software looks like the answer to what I’ve been looking for. While flat covers still look appealing, more and more people are using the 3D covers now, so I feel the need to create some so I can stay abreast of the competition.

    The software looks pretty easy to use and it has quite a few design options to choose from.

    Do you need graphic design skills to use this software?


    1. Thanks for commenting, Darren. I find the software easy to use, which is really good for me since I don’t have graphic design skills. 


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