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Business 101: People Do Not Like to Hear This

I will say it again. People do not like to hear what I am going to say next about online businesses.

Businesses will not make any money if they do not spend any money. You will not make any money on an internet business if you do not spend any money.

Business 101
Scam after internet scam asks you to join their program for free and you will make money.

I opened my email account this morning and found the following subject lines within the first 25 emails!

GO SOLAR NOW! Free to Join and Refer!
** Get My Entire Marketing System Completely Free! Today Only! **
The virtual system start you out for free!
** Get My Marketing System + 7 Million Leads Completely Free! **

Really!? Seriously!

Just based on the subject lines alone, these look like scams.

I have a degree in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration degree. I must have missed the day they taught how businesses make money for free.

I guess there must be a new economic theory that applies only to the internet. You can make millions for free. And if you are really lucky, you can do it in 30 days. And if you are even luckier, you can do it in a week.

I must be really unlucky. I have been marketing on the internet almost 20 years. I am still working on my first million.

As I have stated in previous articles, successful businesses generally have a business plan including a budget. I had a business plan for my tax preparation business in the 1990’s. The plan included a budget because I needed to pay for tax preparation software, office supplies and advertising among other things. I exchanged my tax services for fees from customers. This is just basic economic theory providing something of value to fulfill a demand in exchange for a price.

Simple fact! To make money, businesses spend money. This applies to online businesses as well. To test this fact, go to and see if they will give you something for free.

No one makes money for free online. Otherwise, everyone would.

Please do not get me wrong. Businesses do make promotional offers as a method of generating new business. Internet marketers also offer free or low cost products with the intent to “upsell” buyers with additional or more expensive offers. But the bottom line is they will not make money giving away free stuff if buyers have the mindset of not spending money.

If you are going to start an internet business, then treat it like a business. Make a plan and work the plan. Invest in your business.

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2 Comments on "Business 101: People Do Not Like to Hear This"

  1. Damned good advice. Sometimes people have to hear the message even if they don’t want to believe it.

    On a lighter note… my brother used to tell me, “They say your first million dollars is the hardest, so I’m working on my SECOND million.”


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