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I receive a lot of comments from people asking about the best traffic exchanges.  They say that they do not see how using traffic exchanges are useful because of the effort involved “surfing” for credits.

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In general, people promote on traffic exchanges hoping to receive large volume of traffic to their websites.  They think if they belong to more exchanges, they will get more visitors. Consequently, they will get better results.

The basic problem is traffic exchanges operate in the low-cost internet marketing niche. This niche has many get-rich-quick business opportunities and affiliate programs. These traffic sources are usually considered “bottom feeders.”

Traffic Exchange Basics

The basic premise of a traffic exchange is: you show me your website and I will show you mine. A traffic exchange user will view a website for a few seconds to earn a credit. When the viewer accumulates credits, they can use the credits to show their website to other viewers.

Many people consider traffic exchanges a poor source for quality traffic. Viewers are only looking at websites to collect credits so they can promote their websites. They have no intention of buying anything. Traffic exchanges are generally not targeted to your particular niche.  Unless you are offering a get-rich-quick opportunity or other advertising service.

How to Use the Best Traffic Exchanges

I hear that people have a hard time selling products or services. Also, they have problems sponsoring new people into their online businesses. This seems to be a common complaint.

My response is simple.  You should use the best traffic exchanges as a way to promote YOU.  You as in your personal brand.  People will learn to recognize you over a period of time. My picture and name are the important to me.  Therefore, I want people to recognize my name and face because ultimately people will buy from people they know or at least recognize.

Marketers have told me that we should surf for credits for about 20 minutes at each exchange. However, I have subscribed to over 50 traffic exchanges. So if I were to follow this advice, I would have to surf over 16 hours.  I am not going to let that happen!

The Best Traffic Exchange Solution

Using traffic exchanges is only one part of my internet marketing strategy. I do my surfing at the larger, well established traffic exchanges.  They say go where the traffic is with one exception.  I will occasionally join a new traffic exchange, if I know the site owner has a sterling reputation.  This shows that there is potential for the traffic exchange to create a lot of traffic over time as it grows.  I will get in early to pick up some great one-time-offers at very low cost.

I use the Hoopla family of marketing websites. Billy & Charlotte Carr developed the Hoopla list of best traffic exchanges. They have been ranking websites since 2002 when they came out with their first testing report. Their report was the first to use independent, statistical data to rank traffic exchanges.   Their reports now include traffic, conversions, and more! For more information, CLICK HERE.


If you are going to promote your business to the best traffic exchanges, then I recommend promoting your brand. You can see the best traffic exchanges at Hoopla. Start by focusing on these first. Consequently, as you gain experience, add more to increase the number of visitors to your business.

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