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There is an old saying, “earners are learners.”

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I have subscribed to, purchased, borrowed, and downloaded many internet marketing courses over the last twenty years or so. Some were great, some were bad and a waste of time, and many were average.

But the one thing I learned is that each provided some new knowledge or tidbits of useful information. Even one gold nugget makes it worthwhile. And, if implemented, can bring additional profits into your business.

Purpose of free internet marketing courses

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We all need training and examples to follow (or avoid). Regardless of niche or product line, whether it is basketball shoes for teenagers, senior citizens, women of upstate New York, learn to earn.

It is a simple fact that most people wanting to start an online home business do not have the money to start. Consequently, they have to use free or inexpensive internet training and tools to learn how to build and promote their businesses.

In addition, there are a variety of free or low-cost internet marketing resources. These take the form of affiliate programs, blogs, safelists, social networking programs and sites, traffic exchanges, classified ad sites, banner exchanges, and so much more.

Here is the best training course I have seen online

Also, it takes lots of advertising to generate sales or build a business online. And it takes a variety of internet marketing tools to compete with everyone on the internet. Consequently, training helps you get your “message” across to prospective customers or potential business partners.

Final Thought

I subscribe to many, many newsletters about free internet marketing courses and training. To keep them organized, I subscribe with an email address used only for newsletters.

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