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Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing processI found the following article, Affiliate Marketing Primer, while going through and cleaning out some of my old links. Affiliate Marketing Primer should be required reading for anyone considering marketing affiliate programs. The following information will assist any affiliate to make large monthly commission checks.

The Affiliate Marketing Primer is republished with the permission of Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing, the publisher of the BizWeb eGazette.

“Affiliate Marketing Primer”
By Jim Daniels

This morning I cashed five affiliate checks.
The amounts were $2, $249, $791, $1420 and $1698.

Now before I continue, I want to make one thing clear. This article will NOT try to drag you into my programs. I won’t even mention their names.

And please understand, I did not mention the check amounts to brag. I mention them only to prove that affiliate programs can yield tiny commissions or generous, reliable commissions.

You just need to understand what makes the difference between the $2 checks and the fatter ones.

This issue of BizWeb eGazette will reveal that answer. It will also teach anyone interested in affiliate programs how to secure an ever-growing flow of income, using the very same techniques that have been bringing me affiliate success for more than seven years.

Let’s jump right in…

The first reason most folks make tiny (if any) commission checks from the affiliate programs they join is because it’s one of the first things they do online. And it can put them in blinders.

Take it from me. When I was a newbie, the first thing I did was sign up with a few affiliate programs.

So there I was, a newbie with dollar signs in my eyes…

I found my way to my first affiliate site and signed up. Their commissions calculator had me excited when it revealed my first million would be made before the Y2K bug hit.

But I was green. And there’s nothing wrong with that in itself. Everybody is green online when they’re first starting out.

The problem was, I had no idea what it would really take to make money as an affiliate. So I floundered. And floundered. Until I learned the things you MUST do in order to grow fat monthly commission checks.

3 Things to Do to Create Monthly Affiliate Commission Checks

Here they are…

1. Forget about marketing that free site they give you when you sign up.

What’s that? Don’t advertise the affiliate site they build exclusively for that purpose?

Right. See number two.

2. Build your own website and promote it first.

The top affiliates in every program are promoting their own website(s) first. And it’s not just because those mile-long affiliate URL’s are ugly. The fact is, people respond more positively to affiliate programs when they find them through a real web site.

If you build a website that looks attractive and trustworthy, you’ll clear the first hurdle to making money online. (Whether it’s through affiliate programs or not.)

Now I’m not saying you have to build a giant affiliate directory site like Ken McArthur’s AffiliateShowcase. On the contrary, a simple site that focuses on only on YOUR area of expertise is the best starting point.

So if you want to earn income promoting, say, golf instruction manuals, don’t just join a few programs and start promoting your affiliate URL’s. Instead, take the time to build a site about golf instruction manuals. Make it a multi-page site with lots of helpful information for would-be buyers. A site that helps them research their purchase before they buy. Sites like this can get tremendous search engine ranking when optimized properly.

Once you’ve put together an attractive and informative site, you can link strategically to a few select affiliate programs.

Which leads us to the next key to affiliate marketing success…

3. Join the right program(s).

Remember that $2 commission check? That was earned from a program that paid 5% commissions. That’s just too low to earn serious money.

When you’re considering joining an affiliate program, use this short list of requirements:

a. Get 20% or more commission on sales. Many affiliate programs now pay as much as 60% on direct sales. While those are rare, make sure you get at least 20% commission on your sales.

b. Make sure the products and services are directly related to your site. If they are not, then put up a new site with the express purpose of helping people with that particular topic. At the site you can then link to those products and services via affiliate links.

c. While it is not always possible, if you can get recurring commissions you will earn long-term revenue from your efforts. Some examples of affiliate programs that pay recurring income are membership sites and web hosting. You earn every month your referral pays, and that residual income can add up over time.

Oh, and if you think there are no affiliate programs in the niche you’re interested in, think again. There are now affiliate programs in just about every niche! Here’s a search tool you can use to search by keyword. Just enter your area of interest and click search…

In Conclusion

Remember, affiliate marketing can present a tremendous income generating opportunity, if you do it right. Take this knowledge and grow your own fat affiliate checks! If you need more help, I can recommend this low-cost guide from an established affiliate marketer.

See ya in a few weeks…
Jim Daniels

P.S. Are you making a living from the Internet yet? (There really is no lifestyle like it, unless you were born into riches.) Come to and I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to make it happen.


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