About Glen Palo

Helping People Build Successful Blogs

Glen Palo helping people make successful blogs

Here I am on the 8th tee at Pinehurst #2 golf course. Bucket list item checked off.

A Very Quick Bio

In a nutshell, I have a great wife, 5 kids and 9 grandkids. I am a brother, uncle, father, grandfather, husband, Christian, U.S. Navy veteran, golfer, and work-at-home entrepreneur among other things. In other words, pretty normal.

Along the way, I learned and built a number of websites and blogs as my side hustle. My favorite one is about rescue dog adoption. My wife and I adopted an incredibly sweet senior pitbull mixed breed, named Coco.

How I Can Help You Build Your Own Blog

I believe anyone can build a successful blog. I want to help.

Everyone is different. Everyone has unique life experiences and skill sets as well as personality worth sharing with others. Creating a blog and writing about those things that excite or interest you can be enjoyable (and profitable if you are so inclined).

Follow along with me as I create and build out this blog. Some of the topic I will cover include:

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