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577Cash Banner Ad System

577Cash banner ads577Cash banner ad system delivers free and paid internet advertising using banners. Member banner ads are displayed worldwide. While web banner ad sizes are varied, 577Cash displays only 125 by 125 sized (square) banners.

577Cash is the new creation of Maryanne Myers, a 20 year veteran of internet marketing. She is a PHP programmer who has built 40+ marketing and advertising sites as part of her Webstars2K Network, a worldwide advertising network.

577Cash member banner ads are displayed worldwide. The ad are displayed on:

  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Ezine and safelist solo ads
  • Safelist and viral lists (mailer programs)
  • Social media sites
  • Text Ad Exchanges
  • Co-op traffic sites
  • Paid to Click (PTC) sites

Members can list the same banner as many times as they like. Benefits of 577Cash include:

  • These are lifetime and do not expire.
  • They show unlimited times.
  • They get unlimited clicks.
  • You can edit your banners if you want to show different programs
  • They show on the top 3 rows on all referrals pages.
  • They get the special heat spots with the unusual, eye catching borders.
  • They ALSO go into the top links (at random) in daily admin email.

The 577Cash Banner Ad System does not require payment of any kind  to make money. This can be done by referring sales of your direct signups.

577Cash uses a token system (Glory coins) internally for members to get additional advertising credits. Members may get additional Glory coins by:

  • viewing members’ banner ads,
  • referring new members,
  • buying additional advertising, or
  • displaying the 577Cash widget script on their websites.

577Cash shows member ads down 10 levels. It shows your banners down 10 levels of signups. Like if you signed up a person, your banners show on their referral pages and in the members area to those members.

You also get coins for 10 levels down, to use to show your banners on the widgets that other members have on their websites.

Direct level signups: Free get 150 coins / Premier get 300 coins
1st level signups: Free get 50 coins / Premier get 100 coins
2nd level signups: Free get 25 coins / Premier get 50 coins
3rd level signups: Free get 15 coins / Premier get 30 coins
4th level signups: Free get 10 coins / Premier get 20 coins
5th level signups: Free get 10 coins / Premier get 10 coins
6th level signups: Free get 20 coins / Premier get 40 coins
7th level signups: Free get 10 coins / Premier get 20 coins
8th level signups: Free get 10 coins / Premier get 20 coins
9th level signups: Free get 10 coins / Premier get 20 coins
10th level signups: Free get 10 coins / Premier get 20 coins

577Cash is not an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick cash or money program. It does not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in the site. Nor does it require you to have a website or sell any product to use the banner ad service. You are not required to refer anyone to the site to use the service. You will NOT get rich by using the 577Cash program.

577Cash Affiliate Program

Common among Maryanne Myers’ websites is her desire to help the members. She does not make it hard for members to benefit from her sites.

Members are first. If YOU make money, she also makes money.

She WANTS you to make money on 577Cash. Also, if you want to be paid in cryptocurrency, she will pay you in crptocurrency. This goes for all major payment processors also.

577Cash has a residual and one time sales that have up to 60% commissions for each sale referred. Free members do not get punished for being a free member. They can make a good amounts also.

Pros and Cons


  • Free to join with option to upgrade to premier level.
  • Unimited, lifetime banner placement
  • Maryanne Myers’ sites are popular in the make money online niche.
  • Solid reputation – Maryanne is a well-liked and respective marketer.
  • Custom made site making it unique in the MMO niche.


  • 577Cash operates in the make money online niche which is populated by scams and unethical marketers.
  • Banner ad networks are highly competitive.
  • Banner ad effectiveness is low. It is tough to make banner ads work for you especially if using pre-made affiliate banners.

.To improve banner ad effectiveness, I recommend creating your own unique banners. Unique banners stand out from the typical affiliate pre-made banners that are used in banner networks.

577Cash Banner Ad System Summary

There is no such thing as too much advertising. Especially in the MMO niche.

Maryanne Myers’ solid reputation and successful ad programs reflect the potential for successfully using the 577Cash system. Particularly in view of th unlimited, lifetime banner advertising 577Cash provides.

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