Affiliate Marketing Introduction

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Glen Palo

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing!

While this website is primarily for New Business Owners, all are welcome!

I have been doing this internet marketing thingy for quite awhile.

I am an old guy with a ton of experiences, both good and bad. Scammers ripped me off several times, but I have made a few bucks along the way. (Well, actually quite a few bucks! Or else why would I still be doing this?)

My purpose is to help others, both new business owners and others not doing so well.

I will share my experiences and recommend products and tools that I use or have used to build my online internet marketing business. Please note that I may be an affiliate with recommended programs. And I may earn a small commission based on your activity should you decide to try any program I recommend.

BONUS Download: Click here to get a downloadable PDF version of the How to Build an Online Home Business Guide. You can print out and read later. Or use as a reference.

After all, I have collected and used many free and paid internet marketing training courses, books and tools since I started online business building in 1996. Some of the stuff in my collection is either worthless or seriously out-of-date. Even some paid ones. Thanks Google!

Therefore, it just goes to show that the internet and online business is constantly evolving!

The Evolution of This Internet Marketing Site

This is the fourth “do over” of this website. And it is the successor of a number other websites going way back.

Internet marketing has evolved. Changing directions, if you will. Internet marketing for small and home businesses have changed quite a bit over the years. What worked in the past just don’t work as well now, or even at all.

We are  always seeing new internet marketing products and services. For example, the development of double opt-in safelists was a vast improvement over the bulk mailing systems we used in the past. Article marketing is another example of a marketing technique that is no longer effective.

This is the long way around to my strategy.

My strategy is to refocus on new programs using this website as my base of operations. Most of all, my first goal is to return to teaching and promoting quality products and services to create passive income. And when I say quality products, I mean products I use and like! I will write reviews of the products and services I use. So, unlike many “fake reviews” you will see online, I will not have many reviews.

I have never felt the need to blast a competitor’s program just to make mine look better. That reflects poorly on me and the product I am promoting. 

I intend to blog about my progress, share the results and help anyone who wants to create passive income. Along the way, I will publish new goals, show my progress or the lack thereof.

I will be looking and trying “evergreen” products and services. After all, these are the kinds of products and services that are used everyday and never go out of style.

The first goal is creating additional income streams.  I use and recommend the following site created by my friend, Jim Daniels, to everyone who is new to internet business. Even experienced marketers can benefit. Jim’s easy-to-follow blueprint will help create sustainable online income. Just click below and watch the video.

creating additional income streams


Because I love feedback, please feel free to comment or ask questions. Just fill in and submit the form below.

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