How to start a blog

How to Start a Blog in 2019

Learn to start your own blog in 5 easy steps. The only need is to have something you want to write about. People, like you, start blogs everyday. Because they want to express themselves or share ideas with others, rant about current topics, share life experiences, just about everything and anything. And others want to […]

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How to choose the best web blog hosting for your new blog

How to Choose Web Blog Hosting for Your New Blog

Setting up a web blog hosting site account is easy. Finding one not so much. Anyone canĀ build a website or blog. Futhermore, they can create one in 30 seconds. But it is like building a house. A house is not a home until you put in furnishings and belongings and, finally, people. The same is […]

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Women blog from home or just about anywhere.

Finding Blog Ideas for Your New Blog

Finding the best blog ideas may be the most challenging part of starting a blog. If you don’t pick the best blog subject for you, then you limiting your chance of success. And ultimately waste time. I have started over several times.  You can start off by focus on something you are passionate about, or […]

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